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April 2 – April 4, 2015 – Caesars Palace Hotel,
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Western Political Science Association will host its 2015 annual meeting at the Caesars Palace Hotel, from April 2 – 4, 2015. Please make plans to attend and encourage others to join us!

In May, the association will distribute a call for papers. The DEADLINE for submission of paper proposals/program participation forms will be September 15, 2014.

If you are interested in shaping the content of the program by serving as a section chair, please contact:

Louis DeSipio
2015 WPSA Program Chair
University of California, Irvine
Email: ldesipio@uci.edu


Our visit to Las Vegas in 2015 presents the opportunity to consider the multiple consequences of human movement on politics, the society, inter-group relations, and the environment. Growing from a population of 25 in 1900, Las Vegas today is home to nearly 600,000 and to nearly 2 million in the region. Many millions more visit from throughout the world each year. Although Las Vegas’ growth is certainly more rapid than many other cities or regions, the growth and change of the Las Vegas region reflects the increasing norm in modern society of people in motion. Politics and society certainly spur much of this movement, but they also have to respond to it and in that response, arguably, are central components of the changing face of the next century’s politics. As political scientists and, more generally, social scientists, we are in a unique position to assess the dynamics of this change, how it affects different parts of society and politics, and what its long-term consequences will be for political identities, political organization, and political institutions.

The 2015 theme directs our attention to how mass participation, identities, mediating institutions, and governing institutions shape and respond to the movement of peoples, ideas, and practices. Needless to say, this movement takes many forms, whether from town to city or across international frontiers. The movement can be for a visit or for a lifetime. Does this movement recast our understandings of our place in society or of more fundamental questions of who we are? How do our understandings of ourselves and our political selves change with movement? How do we maintain our former political and social networks and how do we create new ones? Does our change of place allow us to build new connections across race, class, gender, or sexual orientation that will change the meanings or functioning of politics? How do social and political institutions respond to the movement of peoples and the movement of ideas? How do political institutions seek to regulate movement and what are consequences of these efforts at regulation? How does the regulation, or absence of regulation, of the human impact on the natural environment push the movement of peoples? What are the consequences of their movement to the environments of their destinations? We invite you to move across the boundaries of the discipline to think critically about the meanings of movement to politics and to test those boundaries with theoretically and empirically rich assessments of the dynamics of the political world of the 21st Century.

Please join us at the 2015 Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas and add not just to the movement of people throughout the globe, but more importantly to the movement of ideas and to our collective opportunity to build new and enduring networks.

Note: All participants in the program are required to preregister for the meeting by early December.


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