ARTICLE I Recitals and Statement of Purposes

Section 1. Name of Corporation
Section 2. Association Is Nonprofit
Section 3. Specific Purpose

ARTICLE II Principal Office

ARTICLE III Membership

Section 1. Persons Eligible for Membership
Section 2. Term of Membership
Section 3. Dues
Section 4. Regional Groupings of Members

ARTICLE IV Membership Voting

Section 1. Single Class of Membership
Section 2. Member Voting Rights
Section 3. Eligibility to Vote
Section 4. Manner of Casting Votes
Section 5. Action by Written Ballot Without a Meeting
Section 6. Majority Vote of Members Represented at Meeting Required

ARTICLE V Membership Meetings

Section 1. Annual Meeting
Section 2. Special Meeting
Section 3. Notice of Members' Meetings
Section 4. Quorum Requirements
Section 5. Adjourned Meeting
Section 6. Waiver of Notice or Consent by Absent Members
Section 7. Record Dates for Member Notice, Voting and Giving Consents

ARTICLE VI The Executive Council

Section 1. Powers of the Executive Council
Section 2. Number and Qualification of the Executive Council
Section 3. Term of Office
Section 4. Nomination of Councillors
Section 5. Election of Councillors
Section 6. Removal of Councillors and Filling Vacancies on the Executive Council

ARTICLE VII Meetings of the Executive Council

Section 1. Place of Meetings; Meetings by Telephone
Section 2. Regular Meetings of the Executive Council
Section 3. Special Meetings of the Executive Council
Section 4. Notice of Meetings
Section 5. Quorum Requirements
Section 6. Waiver of Notice
Section 7. Adjournment
Section 8. Action Without a Meeting
Section 9 Compensation

ARTICLE VIII Duties and Powers of the Executive Council

Section 1. Specific Powers
Section 2. Limitations on Powers

ARTICLE IX Committees

Section 1. Qualifications For Service on Committees
Section 2. Standing Committees
Section 3. Other Committees
Section 4. Meetings and Actions of Committees

ARTICLE X Officers

Section 1. Officers
Section 2. Election of Officers
Section 3. Subordinate Officers
Section 4. Removal of Officers
Section 5. Resignation of Officers
Section 6. Vacancies
Section 7. Duties and Powers of the President
Section 8. Duties and Powers of the Vice-President
Section 9. Duties and Powers of the Treasurer
Section 10. Duties and Powers of the Recording Secretary
Section 11. Duties and Powers of the Executive Director

ARTICLE XI Association and Finances

Section 1. Description of Dues
Section 2. Checks
Section 3. Financial Statements and Budgets
Section 4. Limitation on the Solicitation of Funds
Section 5. Allocation of Funds for Committee Activities
Section 6. Association Expense Reimbursement Policies

ARTICLE XII Miscellaneous

Section 1. Inspection of Books and Records
Section 2. Use of Robert's Rules
Section 3. Corporate Seal
Section 4. Amendment or Repeal of Bylaws
Section 5. Notice Requirements
Section 6. Annual Statement of General Information
Section 7. Construction and Definitions
Section 8. Indemnification of Corporate Agents
Section 9. Nonpaid Councilors; Alleged Failure to Discharge Duties; No Monetary Liability
Section 10. Personal Liability of Volunteer Councilor or Officer for Negligence
Section 11. Gifts


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