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1947-48 G. Homer Durham, University of Utah
1948-49 Thomas C. Donnelly, University of New Mexico
1949-50 Boyd A. Martin, University of Idaho
1950-51 Samuel C. May, University of California, Berkeley
1951-52 Neal D. Boughton, University of Arizona
1952-53 Totten J. Anderson, University of Southern California
1953-54 John M. Swarthout, Oregon State University
1954-55 Herman M. Trachsel, University of Wyoming
1955-56 Curtis W. Martin, University of Colorado
1956-57 Russell H. Fitzgibbon, University of California, Los Angeles
1957-58 Howard McMurray, University of New Mexico
1958-59 George A. Shipman, University of Washington
1959-60 John A. Vieg, Pomona College/Claremont Graduate School
1960-61 Leo C. Reitmayer, University of Colorado
1961-62 Hugh Bone, University of Washington
1962-63 Ivan Hinderaker, University of California, Irvine
1963-64 Albert Lepawsky, University of California, Berkeley
1964-65 Frank H. Jonas, University of Utah
1965-66 Maure Goldschmidt, Reed College
1966-67 Norman Meller, University of Hawaii
1967-68 Robert L. Morlan, University of Redlands
1968-69 Bernard L. Hyink, California State University, Fullerton
1969-70 James C. Davis, University of Oregon
1970-71 H. Paul Castleberry, Washington State University
1971-72 Curry V. Shields, University of Arizona
1972-73 Phillip O. Foss, Colorado State University
1973-74 Thomas Payne, University of Montana
1974-75 Dean E. Mann, University of California, Santa Barbara
1975-76 Betty A. Nesvold, San Diego State University
1976-77 Bernard Hennessy, California State University, Hayward
1977-78 F. Chris Garcia, University of New Mexico
1978-79 Edward Goldberg, California State University, Los Angeles
1979-80 Donald E. Matthews, University of Washington
1980-81 Martin Shapiro, University of California, Berkeley
1981-82 John R. Schmidhauser, University of Southern California
1982-83 Helen Ingram, University of Arizona
1983-84 Peter A. Lupsha, University of New Mexico
1984-85 Dale Rogers Marshall, University of California, Davis
1985-86 David J. Olson, University of Washington
1986-87 Judith H. Stiehm, University of Southern California
1987-88 Richard A. Brody, Stanford University
1988-89 Rita Mae Kelly, Arizona State University
1989-90 Raymond E. Wolfinger, University of California, Berkeley
1990-91 Anne L. Schneider, Arizona State University
1991-92 Randolph M. Siverson, University of California, Davis
1992-93 Barbara Sinclair, University of California, Riverside
1993-94 Thomas E. Cronin, Whitman College
1994-95 Nancy Hartsock, University of Washington
1995-96 Michael Preston, University of Southern California
1996-97 Jane Bayes, California State University, Northridge
1997-98 Luis Fraga, Stanford University
1998-99 Lyn Ragsdale, University of Arizona, Tucson
1999-00 Rodney Hero, University of Colorado, Boulder
2000-01 Ann Crigler, University of Southern California, Los Angeles
2001-02 Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, Whitman College
2002-03 Timothy Kaufman-Osborn, Whitman College
2003-04 William Haltom, University of Puget Sound
2004-05 Barbara Norrander, University of Arizona
2005-06 Ron Schmidt, California State University, Long Beach
2006-07 Valerie Martinez-Ebers, Texas Christian University
2007-08 Peter Steinberger, Reed College
2008-09 Andrea Simpson, University of Richmond
2009-10 Shaun Bowler, University of California, Riverside
2010-11 Christine Di Stefano, University of Washington
2011-12 Manual Avalos, University of North Carolina, Wilmington
2012-13 Peregrine Schwartz-Shea, University of Utah
2013-14 Gary Segura, Stanford University
2014-15 Victoria Farrar-Myers, University of Texas at Arlington



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