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The Western


The Newsletter of the
Western Political Science Association

The Western is the official newsletter of the Western Political Science Association. It serves as a forum for scholarly conversations on political science teaching, research, and political events focused on but not limited to the western region. Contributions to the newsletter should be directed to either Stephen J. Stambough or Valerie R. O’Regan, California State University, Fullerton. They can be reached at sstambough@fullerton.edu and voregan@fullerton.edusserve. The newsletter is available on line at: http://wpsa.research.pdx.edu/pub/western.php.

Volume 8, Issue One, Summer 2016

Volume 7, Issue One, Spring 2015

Volume 6, Issue Two, Fall 2014

Volume 6, Issue One, Spring 2014

Volume 5, Issue Two, Fall 2013

Volume 5, Issue One, Spring 2013

Volume 4, Issue Two, Fall 2012

Volume 4, Issue One, Spring 2012

Volume 3, Issue Two, Fall 2011

Volume 3, Issue One, Spring 2011

Volume 2, Issue Two, Fall 2010

Volume 2, Issue One, Spring 2010

Volume 1, Issue One, 2008


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